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« Together, we look towards the future. »

2030 Action Plan

Because we believe in Charleroi, we are doing all that we can to contribute to the reconfiguration and beautification of the city.

In order to better integrate our facilities into the urban landscape of Charleroi, we are working with an architectural firm to establish a master plan for 2030. A brand new office building, landscaped car parks, the creation of green zones, cladding renovation, installation of photovoltaic panels…These are just some of the initiatives we hope to put in place to help us further integrate into our beloved city.

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Thy-Marcinelle in numbers


the Riva Group establishes a presence in Belgium



800 000

tonnes of steel per year


share of the Belgian secondary steelmaking route

Health and safety in the workplace

Workplace well-being is a priority. We are constantly striving to achieve our “zero” accidents objective. We are also wholeheartedly committed to offering our employees the best working conditions as well as real career development prospects. For example, we have established a training scheme which enables personnel to undertake professional development training and acquire new skills.

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Quality management

Quality is a key value at Thy-Marcinelle. We are ISO 9001 certified and have been striving for continuous improvement.

By creating rigorous working methods, implementing key performance indicators and conducting internal and external audits, we aim to ensure uncompromising quality for our customers. All our iron products meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. And since customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us, we make it a focus at every level of project management.

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Environmental Management

Alongside quality, health and security, the environment remains a key focus at the core of Thy-Marcinelle.

Fully aware of the importance of protecting the environment, we are constantly striving to reduce our company’s environmental footprint, improve energy efficiency and reduce air emissions. This is certainly no small undertaking but it is nevertheless essential, since today, more than ever, ecology represents a key challenge for our society.

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Our different certifications






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