« Improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions to combat global warming. »

Horizon: Optimised Energy Control

The industry as a whole consumes a significant amount of energy and unfortunately, steel production processes are no exception. However, thanks to the electricity sector, we are already making headway towards reducing our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity is actually a much less polluting form of energy than those traditionally used in the industry since fossil fuels have been significantly reduced in the electricity generation mix, especially in Belgium. We are fully aware, however, that this is not enough for the environment and people’s health.

This is why, as a member of the Groupement de la Sidérurgie Group, Thy-Marcinelle adheres to the Branch Agreements made between the Walloon Region and the various industry sectors. We are bound, by these agreements, to implement a robust energy policy with a view to improving our energy efficiency and reducing our CO2 emissions. We work daily to instil a truly sustainable, eco-friendly vision at Thy-Marcinelle via a management system that is intended to assist in the energy transition within our company.

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The Constant Pursuit of Process Optimisation

In order to succeed when it comes to energy savings, we have carried out an audit with the assistance of a company that has significant expertise in this area. The aim of this energy analysis was to determine the areas for improvement so that we could meet our objectives and thus optimise the overall energy performance of our steelworks.

This entails:

Implementing new internal procedures ranging from the smallest eco-gestures, such as the installation of low-energy lighting solutions, to large-scale process modification

Replacing non-energy-efficient machines

Investing in lifting devices with electric motors rather than combustion motors

Establishing key metrics that are managed and checked daily

Searching for promising new solutions such as, for example, switching to renewable energy (solar panels, etc.)


We are also aware of the importance of technology for boosting energy efficiency within our industry. We therefore work in close collaboration with our equipment suppliers to constantly optimise our machinery and materials. This R&D work we are carrying out with our partners is primarily aimed at boosting the energy efficiency of our industry.