A family story spanning almost 70 years

Thy-Marcinelle is one of 21 Riva Group sites. Of Italian origin, with locations across Europe, the group was founded in 1954 by Emilio Riva. Together with his brother Adriano he was one of the pioneers of the steel industry in post-war in Europe. This impassioned industrialist put his heart and soul into creating a family-owned, people-oriented business, with a firm commitment to its employees.

Riva Group’s success is largely owed to its long-term vision and clearly defined, innovation-based strategy. As early as the 1960s, Emilio Riva was one of the first in Europe to use electric furnace technology (enabling recovered steel to be recycled) and to integrate continuous casting into his factories, thereby improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

This dynamic and positive vision has enabled the Riva Group to become a major steel manufacturer in Italy and the fifth largest player within the steel industry in Europe.

The Riva Group today

Today the Group is presided over by Claudio Riva. It has a foothold within Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Canada. Specialising in the construction of “long products”, the company supplies a wide variety of sectors, all with their own specific set of requirements, such as the mechanical, automotive and terracing industries.


Today, the Riva Group boasts :

more than

years of experience

more than

employees globally


production sites

an output of close to
6.3 millions

tonnes of steel.

Fundamental and unifying values

The pursuit of quality

Innovation is at the heart of the Riva Group philosophy.

Each year, the company invests in improving the quality of its products and processes. In its constant search for optimisation, the group endeavours to prioritise its customers and their actual needs.

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Safety in the workplace

Our customers matter, just as our employees do!

That’s why the Group also invests in their safety. This entails stringent health and safety measures, purchasing the best protective equipment on the market, as well as continuous, on-the-job training to reduce risks and thus prevent accidents.

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Protecting the environment

Respect for the environment is a core value of the Riva Group. This is reflected in a management system which enables the company to assess and monitor the Group’s environmental impact. The objective, naturally, is to succeed in reducing the environmental footprint of each site. Beyond this overall vision, each facility ensures strict compliance with domestic governmental regulations within the countries in which they operate.

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