Weldable Coiled Steel

Manufacturing Process for Weldable Reinforcing Steel

As with smooth wire rod, we produce our weldable reinforcing steel from reclaimed and recycled scrap steel in the form of billets. These are then hot rolled before being stretched out and rolled to form a coil.

Les couronnes d’acier soudable
Les couronnes d’acier soudable

Product Specifications

The reinforcing bars have a circular cross-section with four rows of ribs to increase adhesion in the concrete. Thanks to the projections and depressions present its surface, the steel cannot slide down into the poured concrete, thus improving the adhesion and resistance of concrete structures.

Possible Applications for our Reinforcing Steel

Our steel is mainly used as an advanced construction material. Our reinforcing steel is designed for use in the manufacturing of welded steel mesh and other types of framework, which, in turn, are used to create different construction products and structures, such as beams, screeds, slabs, supporting walls and foundations, etc. Our framework is also suitable for use in all road, rail and port infrastructure projects.


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Our Certifications

  • AFCAB – French market certification for steels that meet specific standards (in our case, NF A 35-080-1 for coiled weldable reinforcing steel).
  • OCAB – Belgian market certification that aims to ensure product compliance for products that bear the BENOR certification label.
  • CARES – British market certification that guarantees compliance with construction industry standards for the countries within the United Kingdom.
  • TUM – German market certification awarded by the Technical University of Munich.
  • KOMO – The Dutch Komo Quality Mark obtained following the analysis of our products and processes.
Our Certifications


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