« Making the steel industry sustainable and environmentally sound. »

Our Commitment to Reduce Our Impact on the Environment

At Thy-Marcinelle, we are totally convinced that the future of the industry lies in sustainable development and ecology and we therefore place great importance on the environment matters and environmental protection.

Our teams and managers work daily to optimise and improve our manufacturing processes so as to guarantee a sustainable, environmentally-sound approach within our company.

Fully aware that environmental challenges are a real priority, we have implemented a robust environmental policy i.e.:

  • To go above and beyond the legal and regulatory requirements concerning the environment;
  • To ensure responsible management of natural resources and energy sources;
  • To reduce pollution resulting from our activity in terms of atmospheric, water and soil emissions;
  • To manage and sort any waste generated with a view to recycling it;
  • To reduce any risk of accidental pollution to the greatest possible extent;
  • To raise awareness amongst our employees, suppliers and subcontractors as regards respect for the environment;
  • To build on what we are already doing by creating new procedures, performing internal and external audits and investing in renewable energy and new, greener technological solutions, etc.
thy-marcinelle 2030

Air Pollution: Reducing the Impact of Thy-Marcinelle

Our steelworks invests every year in integrating solutions that allow it to reduce its atmospheric emissions. Thanks, for the most part, to its new quench tower, which cools the fumes sucked from the electric furnace, thus neutralising the dioxins, Thy-Marcinelle has a modern and efficient dust removal solution. This solution, coupled with efficient filtration, allows us to remain well below the limits imposed by our environmental licence.

We conduct detailed analyses into our atmospheric emissions several times a year because we consider the health of our employees and the population of Charleroi to be paramount. These are carried out externally by an approved lab.

Water Pollution: Minimising the Effects and Reducing Water Consumption

To comply with the standards and regulations regarding water quality, we regularly carry out internal and external tests of our discharge water. Just as with our atmospheric analyses, an approved lab conducts several analyses of our wastewater and industrial discharge each year. Internally, we aim to ensure the health and safety of everyone via the automatic monitoring of parameters.

We are also committed to sustainable water management and reducing our consumption where possible. For this reason, the cooling water in our installations runs in a closed loop, thereby reducing our use of surface water as much as possible.

Soil Pollution: Managing Waste Responsibly

Polluted sites and soil are an image often firmly etched in people’s minds when they think of the industry. At Thy-Marcinelle we aim to shatter this negative, far from environmentally-friendly image of the industrial landscape. Special attention is paid to waste management in order to prevent the risk of soil pollution. In addition, at present, a large part of our site is currently covered with a layer of concrete slab so that the water and dust can be collected and then treated.