High-Quality Welded Steel Mesh for Sustainable Structure

Our welded steel mesh will reinforce your concrete, increasing its resistance and thus reducing the risk of cracks and subsidence which could weaken your structures.

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Manufacturing Process

Welded steel mesh is produced using ribbed wire rod which is electro-welded to form a rigid, robust mesh.

Product Characteristics

There are different types of welded steel mesh (DE 500 BS, B 500 A), each of which complies with the highest standards within the construction industry. The main feature of welded steel mesh is its high elasticity which allows it to absorb tremors caused by seismic activity. It can therefore also be used for construction projects in earthquake zones.

Treillis soudés pour béton armé
Treillis soudés pour béton armé thy-marcinelle

Custom Mesh

Thy-Marcinelle also produces an extensive range of custom products, i.e. mesh with non-standard dimensions, also including small production runs of custom-made goods.


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Areas of Application for our Welded Steel Mesh

The standards for civil construction methods and the ever-changing standardisation parameters have made this product essential when manufacturing components for the construction industry.

Our welded steel mesh is therefore used in the following areas:

  • Civil and industrial constructions (slabs, flooring, walls, stairs and load-bearing walls, etc.).
  • Road, port and rail infrastructures.

Our ISO Certification

Proof of our commitment to quality without compromise, our products comply with the most exacting standards and regulatory requirements. We have also been awarded the following certifications:

  • OCAB – our products comply with a certain number of standards that are essential for those wishing to bear the Belgian BENOR construction mark.
  • KOMO – we hold the Dutch Komo Quality Mark following an audit of our products and processes.
  • AFCAB – we comply with the specific standards for the production of materials for reinforced concrete in France.

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