« Towards more sustainable steel management: giving scrap a second life and thus reducing iron ore mining. »

Reuse and Recover: Key Concepts at our Steelworks.

Did you know that the electricity sector is a key player in steel recovery? In contrast to the traditional blast-furnace smelting system, which is largely based on iron and carbon extraction, this steel production method is based on the principle of scrap recovery and the widespread use of electricity. We actively participate in the circular economy through our activity.

The benefits of recycling steel for the planet and its inhabitants

Steel is 100% recyclable and infinitely so. It can therefore be reused as many times as necessary without there being any change in its original properties and therefore its quality. It is precisely for this reason that it is the material with the best recycling rate in Europe.

Steel recycling involves a circular economy approach via the promotion of sustainable management of resources. Conservation of our planet’s raw materials is essential – by reusing scrap, we reduce iron ore mining and thus contributing to protecting the environment.

The recycling of steel is a major source of energy savings. According to the BIR (The Bureau of International Recycling), the use of scrap enables a 74% reduction in energy consumption. We thus reduce our carbon footprint, cutting our CO2 emissions by 58%.

Reusing Different Metals on a Daily Basis

The raw materials we reuse mainly come from everyday objects. When they reach the end of their lifespan, we recover them, melt them down and repurpose them, so as to give them a second life. As a result, you might find your old car or washing machine, home appliances or even tins, soft drink cans and aerosols, normally found in your household waste, amongst the recycled metal at Thy-Marcinelle.

We ensure that our steel scrap comes from Belgium and neighbouring countries because respecting the environment is something we truly care about. The scrap is transported by lorry and by boat. We aim to use boat transport, where possible, since this solution is much better for the environment. In just one journey, a boat can transport the same amount of ferrous scrap as forty lorries.

Ensuring the Health and Safety of the Population of Charleroi

At Thy-Marcinelle we care deeply about the health of our employees and citizens of Charleroi. This is why the scrap that we receive has to undergo rigorous pre-screening, such as detection of potential radioactivity, visual quality inspections and, where appropriate, analyses that allow us to determine the scrap material’s chemical composition.

Recycling Scrap… and More, Much More!

Recycling is a vital concept that our family business truly believes in. Therefore, as well as working with recycled materials in the first place, we also aim to implement processes that enable us to also recycle water and our waste products. Our cooling water is also part of a closed-loop system, while waste treatment, of course, strictly adheres to the sorting instructions for recycling and recovery.