Thy-Marcinelle, Creator of Jobs and Vocations

Thy-Marcinelle, today, has more than 445 employees on our two Belgian sites – Thy-Marcinelle S.A. and Tréfileries de Fontaine l’Évêque S.A.  As an employer, we consider the creation of quality jobs within our company that offer real career development prospects, via on-the-job training in particular, to be of great importance.

Aware of just how essential our employees are to our company’s performance, we constantly seek to improve working conditions. What is more, our directors and managerial teams do all that they can every day to guarantee the health and safety of the passionate men and women that are instrumental to making our industry thrive.


Integrating into the Life and City of Charleroi

Thy-Marcinelle works to foster its integration into the socio-economic landscape of Charleroi. It is our aim to contribute every day to the development of this city because we love both it and its citizens.

It is precisely for this reason that we are currently working with an architectural firm on a Thy-Marcinelle Master Plan for 2030. The aim of this plan is to improve the aesthetic impact of our industrial activity on the landscape of Charleroi i.e. to create green zones, with a more equal distribution of such areas among the production and warehouse facilities and we want to contribute to the development and beautification of Charleroi, where this is allowed by our environment. This project is especially close to our hearts. It is attests to the close relationship we have with this city that has witnessed the birth and growth of our company.

Building our Society
and Responding to its Needs

As a result of the products it manufactures, our industry is at the very heart of every-day human activity. The steel we produce is used in numerous areas of life every day. Our welded steel mesh, for example, is used in construction. It might be used in the concrete slabs or foundations on which your house is built or in the roads you drive on every day. In this sense, our products help to meet basic human needs.